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I will take your ass hole and treat you like the bitch you are.Because I care about what you want....I will let you ask me questions about myself for the first 30 to 60 seconds of our conversation.... Then I am the boss.....

I love nothing more than the tight straight ass hole of a man who wants to be taken by a caring, but strong, and demanding woman.... Who wants to fuck a man's ass.... But not just any man.... Only those who are worthy.

And how would you like to see what this dominating, caring, abusive, Queen Bitch looks like? Haha I bet you would.... Well you pathetic piece of scum.... You will have to ask nicely.... And maybe i'll allow you to pay for such a thing.... And if you're a very good boy.... I'll let you make requests....... What kind of dress up.... Or shoes? Haha are you even worth my fucking time? HAHA PROVE IT!!!!!!